The State of Australian Tech 2020

The technology sector plays a central role as we progress onwards into the future. 
With the world shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, what could - and should - Australia look at as we rebuild ourselves in the New Normal - economically, socially and emotionally?
We all want growth but we now recognise that growth itself is not the only measure. We want to both grow the pie and to ensure that everyone gets a reasonable slice.
The next generation of jobs, exports, wealth creation and opportunities will come from our ability as a nation to create a wool-leading innovation environment. 

Prepare for the future by learning about today. 

Download our The State of Aus Tech Report 2020 to uncover valuable data and crucial insights that will allow us to appropriately celebrate the successes of our ecosystem, as well as confront some of the shortcomings that we need to overcome for us to be truly world class. 
Be a part of the movement that will drive this country to be a leading player in the new economy. 

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