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We've put together a selection of handy tips to guide you through the award entry process. Whether you're a first timer or seasoned pro, this is everything you need to enter your work into Pause Awards 2021.

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Some past winners include
SUAS-01 Afterpay-01 IsoKing-01 Linktree-01 Birchal-01 Airwallex-01 Koala-01 Envato-01 F45-01-01 HH-01

2021 Categories

All of our award category names have funky names that you probably didn’t find in other place. But essentially Pause Awards, in plain language, honours business achievements through various stages of growth. You can nominate as an Individual or a Company over below 22 award categories.
Hammer Award
For nailing it.
Out of the Garage Award
For scaling globally. 

Super Connector Award

For being the community champ.
Prodigy Award
For being exceptional.
Unexpected Twist Award
For a great pivot.
I Wish I'd Done That Award
For sheer brilliance.
Do You Know Who I Am Award
For the silent achiever.
Big Noise Award
For media cut through.
B-Good Award
For a good business.
Indi Award
For new and First Peoples.
The Hall of Fame
For future builders.

Baton Award
For the life-long mentor.

Creative Genius Award 🆕
For smart execution.

Underground Award 🆕
For early stage mavericks.

Exit Planet Award 🆕
For the best exit.

Inception Award 🆕
For visionary thinkers.

Circular Pioneer Award 🆕
For making a difference.

You have Ethics Award 🆕
For the right values in life and business.

Work Sweet Work Award 🆕
For a great workplace culture.

Going Green Award 🆕
For delivering impact and scale.

Inside Out Award 🆕
For unlocking hidden potential.

Defiant Ones Award 🆕
For new tech breakthroughs.

Info Sessions

We have three Info Session recording in which we went over the awards Entry Kit and answered some important questions for you. You can access them from the button below.

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Pause Awards Show

Welcome to the Pause Awards show, where we invite past winners, and future judges, to talk about their journeys, inspirations and lessons learned in their professional careers. And beyond.

New Award Trophy

By winning Pause Awards trophy you are getting industry's stamp of approval. This year an acclaimed studio or artist will design our trophy. And there is a new Grand Prix award per
category. You should think of honouring your growth milestone with one of our cool trophies. Read about all categories here.

2019 - pausefest - jess middleton 89

Award Categories


Global Judges


Reasons to Enter

“This type of award holds up a beacon for others, a lighthouse for organisations to learn, share and grow the work of creating impact and it’s possibilities for everyone in our community.”

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 5.20.59 pm
Melanie Rayment
Director, Social Innovation Consulting, The Australian Centre For Social Innovation

“I want to know how entrants have gracefully solved customer problems with technical solutions that scale. How have they applied deep thinking and meticulous
product build to create something that feels easy, helpful and delightful?”

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 5.20.38 pm
Will Hayward
CEO/Board member, Private Media

Need Help?

Our awards team can help. Whether you have a specific query or would like an advice, find out how to get in touch so we can help.

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