Hello and welcome to Pause Awards 2021.
It’s been a hell of a year for many and that’s exactly why we need to celebrate this milestone together.

Our 22 award categories celebrate your business achievements and bravery of executing ideas in the marketplace. Awards are judged by International and Australia’s experts in business, impact and entrepreneurship.

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This year we have introduced new and faster way to enter online. We know you are all busy, so the new form will speed up time significantly. There is no sign up, you just open the form and start your entry. But first check our award categories and find those that are good for you and your company.

Final deadline has been extended to Friday 15 OCT 2021 at midnight AEST.




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15 OCT

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10 NOV

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24 NOV

Awards Night

Award Categories 2021

All of our award category names have funky names that you probably didn’t find in other place. But essentially Pause Awards, in plain language, honours business achievements through various stages of growth. You can nominate as an Individual or a Company over below 22 award categories. You can enter as many categories as you wish, there are no limits.
For companies, startups and scaleups
If you're a business of any kind and have gained success in the marketplace or have innovated, these categories are for you. All company awards will honour the achievements of your business during the period from 1 July 2020 to 1 July 2021. You can also submit achievements in the past two years if you haven't entered before.
Hammer Award - For nailing it.
This award recognises a company's success on their own terms in the market. Simply hammering away your success and leaving everyone behind light years.

Out of the Garage Award - For scaling globally. 
This award recognises a company's global growth, expansion, and success. You can apply if you have taken a product globally or opened an office in another country.
Unexpected Twist Award - For a great pivot.
This award recognises a person or company that has taken an unexpected pivot in their business or career.  If you have great COVID twist, let us know.

I Wish I'd Done That Award - For sheer brilliance.
This award recognises a company's simple and clever idea in a niche market, that you wish you’ve done it. This brilliance and elegance in execution doesn’t come that often.
Big Noise Award - For media cut through.
This award recognises a company that has delivered clever marketing tactics. For a good marketing campaign, exciting content or innovative go to market promotions that brought you success.

B-Good Award - For a good business.
This award recognises a company that has done well for the community and the world through their commercial practice. “It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be” said Paul Arden once.

Indi Award - For new and First Peoples.
This award recognises a successful company with its founders from indigenous or ethnic heritage that has gained success in the market.

Defiant Ones Award - For new tech breakthroughs.
This award recognises a company that defines the future of the industry they play in. Awarding tech breakthroughs that had a big impact on customers in a way of how they use it and how it improves their life.

Underground Award - For early stage mavericks.
This award recognises an early stage startup that has done well in its first two years. Incubator and Accelerator startups are mostly welcome to apply as well as anyone else that is just starting up.

Exit Planet Award - For the best exit.
This award celebrates company's final frontier, the exit or IPO and the new beginning. These milestones are worth more than just a gong.

Circular Pioneer Award - For making a difference.
This award category recognises a company that is pioneering their circular efforts that demonstrate tangible projects by keeping materials in use for longer.

You have Ethics Award - For the right values in life and business.
This award category recognises a company that is promoting accountability, good governance, leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility and solving societal problems.

Work Sweet Work Award - For a great workplace culture.
This award recognises a company that has managed to improve or attain outstanding levels of employee engagement, retention and satisfaction.

Going Green Award - For delivering impact and scale.
This award recognises a company that is actively leading and delivering impact and scale through sustainable efforts in clean energy, climate change, healthy environment, social and economic justice etc.


For individuals
If you're an individual and have delivered outstanding contribution to the company or community you serve, these categories are for you. All individual awards will honour your achievements during the period from 1 July 2020 to 1 July 2021. You can also submit achievements in the past two years if you haven't entered before.

The Hall of Fame - For future builders.
This award recognises a game-changer who paved the way by breaking new grounds and inventing new categories. Awarded internally.
Super Connector Award - For being the community champ.
This award recognises a person for a significant contribution to the success of their clients or the community, by connecting the dots.
Do You Know Who I Am Award - For the silent achiever.
This award recognises a person that has been responsible for the success of their company from the backstage, but is not a highlight until now.
Prodigy Award - For being exceptional.
This award recognises a young person (under 30) with exceptional qualities or abilities. Think of it as a young achiever.

Baton Award - For the life-long mentor.
This award recognises an experienced and trusted advisor or a mentor who elevated, provide guidance, motivation and emotional support to your career.

Inside Out Award - For unlocking hidden potential.
This award recognises a person that unlocks innovation potential inside the company to deliver new value and change the world. Awarding: Individual. Who can apply: Anyone.

Creative Genius Award - For smart execution.
This award recognises a person that created and implemented smart and sustainable creative or business strategies in the market.


For ideas & prototypes
If you're an individual and have an idea that you want to validate and get feedback on your project, service, product or a startup that hasn't taken off yet, this category is for you. Your idea doesn't need to adhere to a specific timeline, since it's just an idea and hasn't been realised yet. If you fear about someone stealing your idea, making it happen is so much harder.

Inception Award - For visionary thinkers.
This award recognises a person that came up with an idea, concept or a prototype that can better the world. No implementation required, just a visionary concept!

Are you ready to enter now?

Top Tips

  • Provide context, judges don’t know you.
  • Don’t write your entry in a hurry.
  • Focus on what is special about your business.
  • Present real results, don’t make things up.
  • Save your entry on your computer.
  • Have your colleagues review the submission.

And please don't forget to download the essential awards Entry Kit.

Some past winners include
SUAS-01 Afterpay-01 IsoKing-01 Linktree-01 Birchal-01 Airwallex-01 Koala-01 Envato-01 F45-01-01 HH-01

Who's entered so far?

Thanks to all amazing companies that entered so far including: Heaps Normal, Audience Republic, Envato, GitHub, Zilio, Plattar, Memories, Legally Yours, Alt Saints to name a few. Get in there amongst them!


Need more help?

Our awards team can help. Whether you have a specific query or would like an advice, find out how to get in touch so we can help.

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