As we embark on our 5th anniversary of Pause Awards in 2022, we want to show our commitment to you and the ecosystem – we're building The Most Innovative and Impactful Index, not just selling trophies!

In 2022, we're moving to a new address with new website and our own judging software. Pause Awards is set to become a gold-class standard for awarding innovation and impact in ANZ. Join us in our mission.

The Pause Awards Winners Package fees have been competitively priced within global award programs for excellence in business.



Winners Full Package

Winners Full Package gives you the full coverage, physical and NFT trophy and 365 days of promotion through our channels and events. If you win over three awards, any additional is on us. Benefits include:

  • Unlimited use of Pause Awards Trademark
  • Laser engraved designer Pause Award Trophy
  • Basic NFT minted Pause Awards digital Trophy
  • Signed digital certificate
  • Winners profile on The Most Innovative Index
  • Promotional media kit
  • Winners personalised Jury feedback
  • Ongoing promotion in future campaigns
  • Limited run of merchandise
  • Awards Night Event photos and video

Winners Full Package

The Winners Full Package is optional, but you don’t get to enjoy any of the below benefits. We're building an Innovation and Impact Index, not just selling trophies. Winning Pause Award was like ‘Oscars’ worthy for the Australian tech and innovation sector and there are many benefits that come out of it.

Unlimited use of Pause Awards Trademark

Trademark License will allow you to use Pause Awards logo in marketing on your website, signatures, brochures and in the media and press releases for a lifetime.

PA21 Awards Trophy Order-01-1
PA21 Awards Trophy Order-03

Engraved Pause Awards Trophy

Pause Awards Trophy is a limited edition beautifully designed object that changes each year. 2021 trophies are moulded from the fine grain eco-friendly concrete mixed with Butterscotch and Blue Opal colour pigment. Your name and NFT code will be laser engraved on the back with 0.2 precision and mailed to you in a recyclable packaging.

Pause Awards NFT Trophy

Pause Awards NFT Trophy will be minted in Rarible, Open Sea or MakersPlace platform as a basic image. Collectors Edition design is available on request at an additional cost. We can also reach out to our global network of CGI artists, some of whom work on Hollywood titles to create your Premium Collectors NFT.

You'll need a crypto wallet to store your trophy!

PA21 Awards Trophy Order-08-08
PA21 Awards Trophy Order-02

Signed digital certificate

Everyone gets a standard digital certificate, those that attend Awards Night recieve printed and framed certificates too.

The Most Innovative and Impactful Index

In 2022 we're launching new website with The Most Innovative and Impactful Index featuring past winner's profiles with awards won and URLs.

PA21 Awards Trophy Order-07
PA21 Awards Trophy Order-05

Promotional media kit and personalised jury feedback

If you're Finalist or the Winner, we'll supply you with the officially branded media kit to share your success with the world. The Winners also get a personalised Judging Board feedback that can be used as testimonial.

Ongoing promotions

We don't stop after Awards Night is over. Your victory will be celebrated all year round on our socials. Awards Night photos, video and vox-pops will be shared and we may reach out for interviews and speaking opportunities. And we'll invite you for special events and speaking opportunities.

PA21 Awards Trophy Order-06
PA21 Awards Trophy Order-04

Limited run of merch

Our yearly merch is available to all who attend Pause Awards Night for free. This year we had three T-shirt colours with two different prints, pins and holographic stickers.




Pick a package you want to order, and then select your company size for correct fees.


Click on the button and it will take you to Stripe payment processing page. Make a payment.


We'll collect your postal address to mail the trophy out to you from Stripe form entered. Standard and GRAND PRIX trophies cost the same and we'll match correct trophy with your award and payment. Shipping is included.


Please allow minimum 4 weeks for NFT and 10 weeks for physical trophies production, but if we can deliver earlier we will. They are all made on order in batches and there is a final deadline after which we won't make any more of this year's trophies.


We suggest that you order your trophies ie. get Winners Full Package at your earliest to avoid disappointment of not getting your trophy made. You'll still get other benefits of Winner's Full Package if ordered late.

The latest date to order Pause Awards 2021 Trophy is JUN 2022


Winners Full Package


Company Size

Startup (1-3 Employees) - $350 per entry

Small (4-10 Employees) - $650 per entry

Medium (11-20 Employees) - $1,250 per entry

Large (21-100 Employees) - $2,250 per entry

Enterprise (101+ Employees) - $3,250 per entry


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